Colette + Cobrasnake + Vans

A delicious collaboration between French fashion purveyor and an American nightlife photographer


Crossing cultures in one stride, French arbiter of relevant style Colette has teamed up with American photographer Mark Hunter—A.K.A. the Cobrasnake—to create a one-of-a-kind shoe with Vans. The collaboration shoe was inspired by the care-free Californian lifestyle and the state’s iconic burger joints that have fed generations of tastemakers. While the brand created a cheeseburger-inspired slip-on a few seasons back, the Vans Era has gone high fashion to become a hamburger for the first time.

Vans-Burger-Box.jpg Vans-Burger-Insole.jpg

The shoe’s premium canvas upper is emblazoned with a variety of tasty toppings stuffed between two whole wheat buns, while Collete blue laces and a Vans tag offer up the perfect amount of Parisian flair. The unique collaboration breeds a playful sense of style with Colette’s uncanny taste and Cobrasnake’s cavalier brand of nightlife photography that captures the very essence of a sought-after youth culture.


Set to launch 1 March 2012 during Paris Fashion Week, the Colette and Cobrasnake collaboration Vans will be be sold exclusively through Colette.