Test Drives: 2013 Audi Allroad

The iconic offroad wagon returns to the US after a five year hiatus

This fall Audi‘s iconic Allroad wagon will return to the US as a completely reinvented model that’s respectful of its heritage. I had the opportunity to spend a couple days with the Allroad last week in Colorado and was impressed by the marriage of classic styling and modern features in a wagon that’s fun, functional and luxurious.

The contrast-colored fender flares that defined the original Allroad’s style are just as present on 2013, however the daytime running lights are now styled LED tubes to carry the fender lines. Though subtle, the switch from segmented LEDs to LED tubes propels Audi’s lighting design back to the forefront of innovation. Helping to define the Allroad’s hearty presence is an elongated, single-frame grill that is a bit of a change for Audi. The ruggedness of the model is also evident in 7.1-inch ground clearance, stainless steel front and rear skid plates and a wider wheelbase.

Settling into the driver seat, the most noticeable element is the simplified centerstack which removes many physical buttons in favor of on-screen controls. Audi MMI Navigation powers the Allroad’s GPS, delivering Google Earth maps with street view as well as traffic information through SiriusXM. Audi Connect is an optional package that turns the Allroad into a mobile hotspot and enables features like weather updates, gas prices, travel news and Google search. Initially installed in the 2012 A7, the service is provided by T-Mobile through an in-car SIM card. Subscription go for $25 per month prepaid or $30 per month pay as you go.

The 2L turbo SFI Engine is managed by an eight speed transmission and Tiptronic mode for manual control—perfect for downshifting while descending windy mountain roads. AWD Quattro is standard, and the model’s efficiency is estimated at 23 MPG highway. Not to be limited by luxury, the Allroad will sport 258 lb-ft of torque, 211 horsepower and Class 1 towing.

A perfect all-weather road car with off-road chops, the 2013 Audi Allroad will range from $40,000 to 56,000 MSRP depending on which options you choose.

Images by Josh Rubin