A First Glimpse at What Tech Company Humane is Developing

A powerful teaser trailer hints at technology informed by humanity

Founded by Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, two pioneering former Apple employees, Humane has been an innovation initiative in development for several years now. Though the organization has garnered attention for its top talent (Chaudhri invented the user interface on the iPhone and holds thousands of patents, while Bongiorno was responsible for iOS and macOS software project management and held a crucial role in milestone projects like the launch of the original iPad), little has been revealed about what technologies they’re attempting to advance or what product they intend to release. That is, until today, thanks to a powerful, poetic teaser trailer directed by Ryan Staake.

In the film, entitled “Change Everything,” one protagonist stands amidst a throng of figures tethered to their devices—some handheld, others strapped to wrists or covering eyes. The protagonist, however, finds the Humane logo in the real world. Coupling these observations with Humane’s mission to push technology forward by “rethinking, reconsidering and remembering honest human connection in the context of computing,” one can’t help but percolate with excitement over what more will come.

Hero image, screenshot courtesy of Humane and Ryan Staake

David Graver

David Graver

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