A New Modern, Human-Centric Browser, Arc

Currently in private beta mode, Arc is an updated, design-forward and human-centric web browser from Hursh Agrawal and Josh Miller’s The Browser Company. With a more colorful, customizable and even modular interface, Arc’s design is refreshing and intuitive, featuring simple yet seemingly life-changing tweaks: a built-in split-view system, versatile sidebar, the ability to hover over a tab to preview, rename-able tabs for better organization, an easel space for text and image brainstorms and automatic picture-in-picture mode for watching videos. What sets Arc apart from any browser before it, however, is its commitment to not sell user data. Instead, the company has amassed over $30 million in investor funding and plans to operate under a freemium model similar to Slack.  “I’ve never felt joy in seeing a software update for a web browser until I started using Arc. Even the way they share the changelog updates—as notes snippets initialed by staff—is comforting,” writes Raymond Wong for Inverse, where you can read the full review.

Image courtesy of Raymond Wong/Inverse