Adobe Announces Photoshop Camera App With Real-Time Editing

Using Adobe's intelligent Sensei software, users have access to Photoshop tools and impressive lenses within their phone's viewfinder

Leveraging the popularity of playful filters and their deep history in visual software development, today Adobe announces Photoshop Camera, a standalone app that affords smartphone photographers real-time access to lenses, filters and the company’s Sensei technology. To clarify, as several apps have divided consensus on nomenclature, Adobe’s filters will be reminiscent of technical tweaks one could tinker with in Photoshop Express or Lightroom—dynamic range, tonality, scene-type, face regions, etc. Their lenses mirror what Instagram has done with its Stories platform, but with superior graphics, motion and a more polished final product. Going further, anyone adept with Photoshop will eventually be able to create and import their own lenses to be used in Photoshop Camera. At launch, lenses attributed to influencers and creators will be available for use.

Not only does this release democratize the use of Photoshop (typically, fluency in the program comes with extensive practice), it also repositions Adobe as the first stop in content creation. Rather than being somewhere photographers and artists turn to after taking a picture, anyone can open the Photoshop Camera app and take a photo that allows them to bypass extensive editing, as the adjustment tools, filters and lenses make capturing shots that are worth sharing far simpler. With Sensei built in to the camera app the technology will make realtime recommendations for filters and lenses based on how it sees the subject of the image.

It’s also easy to imagine those working in creative industries or in social media will favor this app and their phone over a more costly kit—especially for projects that demand quick turnaround or minimal editing. Adobe’s Sensei intelligence also works on photos after they’re shot, recognizing faces from afar, landscapes, selfies and food—typical social media subjects.

Photoshop Camera also aims to be a platform for creativity, too. At launch, the app will come stocked with custom lenses conceptualized by Billie Eilish. Dark and brooding, the AR adornment dons black, angelic wings. Images made using the lens can be stored as a moving image or as a still. Adobe also added that plans for collaborative lenses and a lengthier list of stock ones are in the works.

Adobe’s Photoshop Camera is available now for a select audience to preview. A public debut is scheduled for sometime in 2020.

Images courtesy of Adobe