Adonit brings precision drawing to touch screens with an innovative stylus solution

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The explosion of tablet computing has brought on just as many challenges as opportunities—one of them being how best to interface with touchscreens. Fingers do well enough for most tasks, but lack the precision that some users may want. Most stylus pens that try to address this issue fall a bit short either in functionality or style, many of them consisting of nothing more than a plastic stick with a foam tip that wears down over time. The Jot by Kickstarter darlings Adonit, on the other hand, answers both to aesthetic demands and functionality, separating itself from the pack in a variety of ways.

The Jot’s metal body is nicely balanced and feels more natural to hold than many smaller, less substantial styluses. This greatly increases the ease of use, as it replicates the way you’d feel holding onto a pencil or pen. Implementing a unique precision disc and ballpoint mechanism that keeps the Jot pressed firmly against the touchscreen of your tablet allows you to use the Jot at a variety of angles for significantly superior accuracy.

In this video, the Jot is put to the test by a photographer and a menswear designer who discover that using the natural-feeling tool makes their work easier to manage.

The Jot is available exclusively at Adonit’s website for $20 or $30 for the pro model.