Elegant, Powerful Airmega HEPA Air Purifiers

Well-sized, app-connected appliances for cleaner breathing

In the quest for air purification at home, one has to shuffle through a lot of products before finding something that actually works well and looks good. Through an extended test of the Airmega 400S—one of four products the brand offers—we are so far pleased with both it’s sleek, well-proportioned design and the quality of air it circulates. Airmega’s products feature HEPA filtration, which stands for high efficiency particulate air purifiers. This means they employ a specific filter—here known as the Max2, an activated carbon filter plus Green True HEPA filter—that captures 99.97% of the 0.3-micron (0.000012-inch) particles, pollutants and allergens in the air. These are best-in-class but not unique. It’s the reach—a whopping 1500+ square feet with this model in particular—and the intuitive app-connected management system that set it beyond competitors in this price category.

Airmega was developed by the South Korean health- and respiratory-focused tech company Coway. The four appliances in the Airmega roster are the product of extensive testing at their R&D wellness center in Seoul. Of course this, and their array of awards, matter but even more important here is user experience, and this is a certifiable win. First, Airmega’s sensors alert a user about the quality of air in their home. This can be seen on the front of all four variations of the machine, but also through the free iPhone app that pairs with the 300S and 400S models. The app is a go-to for management, but all Airmega machines can be set to Smart Mode, more or less an auto setting. Here, from the speed of the fan rotates based on the room’s quality. There’s an Eco Mode, for energy conservation. And finally, a Sleep Mode that offers noise reduction (and also reduced power consumption). Sleep Mode is automatic on the S iterations, but manual on the other two. Also with the app-connected appliances, all of these can be toggled through remotely, or timers can be set. For ease, quality, reach and affordability, all four of Airmega’s air purifiers make for a good option.

Airmega is available online, with prices starting at $549 for non-WiFi appliances and $649 for WiFI-enabled models. Filters last 12 months.

Images by David Graver