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An AI-Powered Paint Tool Creates Custom Colors Through Vocal Descriptions

Sherwin-Williams recently launched Speaking in Color, a new AI-powered, voice-controlled tool that translates audio descriptions into custom colors. To do so, the paint brand partnered with the Wunderman Thompson agency to create a React Web app that decodes languages and turns it into colors using third-party and proprietary code. Phrases like “make it dimmer,” “make it more retro,” or “add warmth” are translated through the tool’s custom algorithm to produce the necessary mathematical adjustments. Users can even start with a broader reference, like the colors in a New York sunset, and get more specific from there. Currently, the tool is exclusive to architects and the company itself in order to create one of the world’s largest color libraries, but it could be open to all customers down the road. Read more about the creative innovation at Fast Company.

Image courtesy of Jon Tyson/Unsplash/Sharon McCutcheon/Pexels

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