Apollo Muse RSS App

A carefully selected news feed of the best art and design media sources at your fingertips


If there’s a single, surefire way to impress dinner party friends, it’s by being on the very cutting edge of culture. The newly launched Apollo Muse app is making that easy by putting the most authoritative digital art and design publications right in your hands. Similar to an RSS feed, Apollo Muse draws articles from a list of the latest breaking news and headlines, exhibitions, reviews and features, allowing for quick and easy scroll-through reading. Featuring some of the internet’s primary sources for creative reportage—from Art 21 to the Tate Blog and BlackBook—Apollo Muse delivers a snapshot of the art world today.

The new app comes from the Apollo.tv team, a collective of creditable creatives with a mission to expose trending art news in new ways. Apollo.tv is the first global art, design and technology media channel, featuring the voices of some of the greatest creative minds, experts, curators and collectors in the art world. With Apollo Muse, Apollo.tv is hoping to inspire a broader audience than television can provide, with a mission to expand the boundaries of creative expression globally. As Melanie Mohr, CEO of Apollo.tv, simply puts it, “Inspiration is worth sharing.”

Apollo Muse is now available for free download at the iTunes store.

Image by Cool Hunting