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Aston Martin One-77

There’s a lot of buzz around Aston Martin these days and deservedly so. You might have heard about the new Aston One-77 (it’s been around the blogs) and if you’ve seen the “Quantum of Solace” Bond flick then you’ve glimpsed the new Aston Martin DBS. While both are attractive and presumably provide a great driving experience, we’re more captivated with the Aston One-77 because of its customization possibilities, high-quality craftsmanship and low volume production run—only 77 were made (hence the name) and all have already sold for £1.2 million each.

With the new One-77, the Aston Martin brand has carved out a level of luxury rarely available to even the wealthiest. The low volume production of 77 vehicles gives Aston Martin the freedom to approach the design and manufacturing process in a different way. By doing so, they pretty much skip mass production techniques, handcrafting each exterior panel of the One-77. Featuring a carbon fiber body structure, the engineers will even customize the paddle shifts according to your preference—some like them heavier or lighter feeling. The car boasts a 700hp, 7.3 L, v12, six-speed manual transmission engine and is said to accelerate dramatically in any gear at any speed. “It almost feels as if you’re doing something wrong,” comments the design director Marek Reichman.

Check out the two videos produced by Aston Martin above to learn more about the One-77 and the Aston Martin brand (part one at top, part two at middle).