Balanzza Ergo: Digital Luggage Scale


In a time when airlines charge for everything including your first piece of checked luggage and any sort of overage in weight, the Balanzza Ergo is a handy, money saving gadget. A digital luggage scale, it is an ergonomically designed device that lets you easily weigh your baggage before you get to the airline counter so you can anticipate or avoid extra charges.

Weighing only 8 oz. itself and compact in size, it's easy to pack to take with you on your trip just in case you buy a bunch of gifts for the return trip. Simple to use, just secure the scale to the bag's handle by using the provided strap and lift the luggage until you hear a beep indicating the weight has been registered. A bright easy to read LCD display indicates weight. During these days of stressful and difficult travel, being informed is vital and can save you money. Be a bit more prepared and purchase the Balanzza Ergo for $25 from Balanzza.