BeoVision 10

The flat screen TV gets even flatter with Bang & Olufsen's sleek new design


The sleek presentation of Bang & Olufsen‘s BeoVision 10 shows that there’s plenty of room for making the modern television more refined, powerful and sophisticated. The LCD panel looks more like a decorative piece melding with interiors—a lesson in the Danish aesthetic. Designed by the native Englishman David Lewis in his Copenhagen studio, the curved edge of his design lends an effect of the BeoVision being almost embedded in the wall.


Well-thought out integration of LED light technology and structure, placing loudspeakers below the screen and LED lights throughout, achieves not just the chic super-slim appearance but also saves power. Encasing the TV in glass with anti-reflection coating, accented by high-gloss aluminum on the front and rear, enhances the surface. Optimum sound comes from a two-way stereo loudspeaker system that relies on a center bass port system for quality.


The cover (magnetically interchangable) comes in black, white, silver, dark grey, blue and orange for integration with any decor scheme. Retailing for $7,675, pick it up from Bang & Olufsen stores.