Bloc & Roc’s Galvanize S2 Black 18k Rose Gold Headphones

Premium on-ear headphones built by hand in the UK

There are at least two factors necessary for garnering attention in the ever-crowded headphone market, with superior sound quality and thoughtful design at the top of the list. Bloc & Roc’s Galvanize S2 offers both. As for design, it’s more than just the 18k rose gold-plated speaker grille, it’s also the hand-blasted matte finish elsewhere, and the Nappa leather headband. The on-ear pads have a core of soft memory foam, making them comfortable for long-term wear. And finally, the aerospace-grade aluminum serves for both function and fashion. Most impressive stands the fact that all of Bloc & Rocs products are designed, engineered and hand-assembled in the UK.

None of this would matter, however, if the sound didn’t deliver. At their core, the headphones boast 40mm dynamic drivers, within lightweight 6082 aerospace-grade aluminum chambers. These deliver a triple-vent acoustic airflow technology that keeps sounds powerful without the loss of clarity. All of the headphones are tested before getting boxed and shipped. Altogether, they look great, are comfortable (and light) on the ears and deliver balanced, rich sound.

This version of Bloc & Roc’s Galvanize S2 headphones are $299; if you’re not a fan of the grill, the S1 has an different outer cup design with similar specs, and is $60 less expensive.

Images by Cool Hunting