Brammo Electric Motorcycles

New electric motorcycle engineering rivals gas bikes

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With a mission of making an electric bike as affordable and fun as gas-powered motorcycles, electric vehicle experts Brammo, Inc. recently partnered with Italy’s S.M.R.E. Engineering to produce four new models with a revolutionary six-speed drivetrain. The new rides, announced today, are a result of Brammo’s design and S.M.R.E.’s Integrated Electric Transmission technology, an innovation licensed exclusively to Brammo.

A mechatronic propulsion unit, IET mimics the feel of a more traditional internal combustion engine with a specially-designed electric motor, clutch and gear shift. The system provides the motorcycle with plenty of power to accelerate quickly and maintain high speeds. (Check out the sound in the video above.) Say goodbye to the scooter-like experiences of standard single ratio electric motorcycle engines; IET provides power and performance that up until now was impossible with electrics.


Engage and Encite, the first of the four available with the IET-improved performance and range, will be publicly unveiled (images here show prototypes) before the MiniMotoSX race in Las Vegas this Friday, 6 May 2011. The complete IET line-up (Engage MX, SMR, SMS, and Encite MMX PRO) will also have Brammo’s swappable battery packs.


CEO and Founder of Brammo, Inc. Craig Bramscher explains “Combining the SMRE Integrated Electric Transmission system with the Brammo Power™ Batteries and Battery Management System keeps Brammo at the forefront of Powersports drivetrain technology.”

Brammo anticipates to sell the new bikes at $10,000 to $12,000 depending on the model, and they’ll be available through dealers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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