Zero Motorcycles Advances Electric Motorcycle Connectivity

A ground-up rebuild that delivers new levels of power and control

To say much has happened since Zero Motorcycles launched in a garage back in 2006 would be an understatement. From their 2013 prototype electric motorcycle to today’s release of the SR/F, the brand has been an industry leader in technology and design. With this next-generation bike, they’re staking claim to the title of world’s first commercially available connected motorcycle. This encompasses so many attributes, but standouts include a cell-connectivity module in the dash that does everything from updating the vehicle’s new OS Cypher III to shooting off real-time updates to Zero’s new SR/F dedicated app. Owners are connected to their bike at all times.

All the stats matter here. The bike can travel up to 200 city miles per charge (with assistance from Zero’s Power Tank coming out in the fall). The battery can rise from 0 to 95% in an hour (and it comes with an adapter from J1772 to home wall socket). And riders can wrangle 140 ft-lbs of torque—that’s a lot of power in this category. Altogether, there’s a lot to love from this latest milestone—including its look, which comes in Seabright Blue and Boardwalk Red.

Zero Motorcycles’ SR/F will begin to ship in April. The standard model with retail for $18,995 and the premium for $20,995.

Images courtesy of Zero Motorcycles