Brickit App’s AI Camera Scans LEGO Piles For Specific Blocks

Anybody who has owned LEGO sets knows the arduous task of digging through a pile of bricks to find the right piece for the job. The new, free Brickit app uses an AI camera to scan your batch of bricks for specific pieces and to suggest projects based on your collection. “When the app is done taking inventory of your collection, it’ll output a list of ideas for you of what you could possibly create with the bricks at your fingertips,” writes Michael Zhnag at PetaPixel. The app—which has been created by LEGO fans, rather than the brand itself—even pinpoints where each piece is located. Currently available for Apple iOS, Brickit is expected to rollout for Android users later this year. Read more, and see a video demo, at PetaPixel.

Image courtesy of Brickit