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CH25: George Arriola

An heirloom electronic for the post-smartphone era

When was the last time you sat down with friends or family and someone’s phone didn’t interrupt? George Arriola and the team at Monohm, wanted to “refocus the users’ attention to real people and the real world.” Their answer was the personal device Runcible which debuted at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year and not only breaks the mold in terms of form, but also revolutionizes the user’s experience.

George describes the two catalysts that sparked the invention of Runcible. The first was simply, “reclaiming time lost with my loved ones.” Runcible will never beep, alert or otherwise interrupt, “enabling us to keep our attention where it has always meant to be–heads up in the real world.” Despite Runcible’s departure from smartphone standards, it still makes calls, surfs the web, sends texts and takes photos, but does not run apps. It lets you stay connected when you choose to be. Taking the idea further was the second critical moment. A “100 Year Plan” envisions bespoke heirloom electronics.

To read more about how Runcible brings us back to engaging in life, read the full CH25 profile.


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