Much in the way that CH is an online resource of the technology, culture and design that inspires us (and maybe a little more like one of our other favorite sites The UnCoolHunter), Craplinks is a blog that catalogs things that are, well, crappy. Founded by a CH comrade and officemate (to protect the innocent we'll retain his anonymity) to organize the links he and his friends would share with each other throughout the day, we admit that there are occasions where we sometimes debate whether an item should be craplinked or cool hunted.

The site itself consists of links and short, often witty descriptions, which range in content from sites about old men who look like lesbians to videos of David Hasselhoff drunk. You'll find yourself on a lollercoaster in no time.

If you can guess the identities of all the CH contributors who are also Craplinkers, follow the contact link at the bottom of the page, select "Feedback" from the pull-down menu and we'll send the first person to get it right the contents of our "Giveaway Box."