Crayola ColorStudio HD

Griffin partners with classic crayon maker to digitize the timeless act of coloring


The excitement of attending the annual Consumer Electronics Show often has us feeling like giddy school kids, with its overwhelming display of new technology and gadgets. For 2011 this sentiment is seemingly right on with today’s announcement of the new partnership between Griffin Technology and the revered color masters at Crayola, who will be on hand at CES with their Crayola ColorStudio HD.

Updating the timeless activity of coloring for today’s tablet technology, the ColorStudio is an interactive drawing application designed for the iPad that works by using their Crayola iMarker digital stylus.

imarker1.jpg imarker2.jpg

While the iMarker acts as a marker, crayon, pen and paintbrush, the application’s intuitive technology can differentiate between the iMarker and a finger, which is used to control the rest of the sound effects, animations and challenges the ColorStudio offers alongside simple coloring.

The Crayola ColorStudio HD and iMarker will sell as a set beginning Spring 2011 for $30.