Critter and Guitari Pocket Pianos

Go from stage to studio with a full spectrum of sound packed into a mini-synth


Critter and Guitari, the same experimental audiophiles that came up with a Kaleidescope-inspired music device, recently added a new creation to their line-up of avant-tools. Ultra-portable, simple and versatile, don’t let the clean lines of the Pocket Piano’s aluminum and hardwood case fool you. This petite battery-powered synth’s six modes achieve large sound that cranks up for live performances yet is customizable and nuanced enough for studio work. Including vibrato and a control that cascades tones over two octaves, it delivers a wide range for such a small box.


Other digital instruments in the works include the Single-String Flash Guitar, which records on the go but isn’t yet available. The Pocket Piano is; order it from the Critter and Guitari online store for $175 a pop.

Check out the above video demo to see the ins-and-outs of the Piano.