Daub & Bauble Home and Body Products


We always love a product that takes a simple problem—in this case ugly, foul-smelling dish soap—and executes the solution to a T. Daub & Bauble’s new line of home and body products combine delicately scented natural soaps and lotions with exquisite package design. Featuring "honest ingredients" such as aloe vera, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, avocado and shea butter, the dish soaps, hand soaps, and hand lotions are available in three scents: Tarocco Orange and Clove, Sorrento Lemon and Ginger and (our favorite) the subtle yet exotic Mission Fig and Thyme.

Inspired by the cycles of nature, the striking packaging designed by Daub & Bauble’s fellow Minnesotans Wink is available in three coordinating patterns for each of the three scents and is 100% recyclable. Available online from eBubbles the Hand Wash with Aloe is $8 the Hand Lotion with Shea Butter and Concentrated Dish Soap are $9 each—a small price to pay for perfection.