Goodbye Detergent Scrubs


Environmentally-conscious designer Hiroki Hayashi is cleaning up the recycled-goods world with his new line of home scrubs dubbed Goodbye Detergent. The two main lines, Kitchen Cleaning Scrubs and Outdoor Scouring Pads, utilize the abrasive powers of recycled food remnants like ground peach pits, corn cobs and walnut shells to tackle household clean-up.

Indicative from their name, the earth-friendly scrubs are so effective that you won't need to apply detergent except on the most viscous grease—saving you money while lowering the amount of toxic chemicals introduced to the environment.

The cornerstone of the Kitchen Scrubs Line is the Spaghetti Scrub (pictured right). A loose and flexible sponge it's perfect for penetrating kitchen grime's deepest depths. For outside use, Goodbye Detergent's three types of outdoor scouring pads (below) are durable enough to vanquish tough stains on BBQ grills but gentle enough to clean patio furniture without leaving a mark.


Goodbye Detergent's products are 100% recycled and recyclable, and eliminating the need for detergent sets a new standard for green cleaning products. Hayashi's spaghetti scrubs and outdoor scouring pads will be available for $11 and $9 respectively from Roland Products.