Internet radio's first legal mixtape library

Far from the days when it was just Pandora and Last.fm competing for internet radio space, today there seem to be as many music streaming sites as there are mashups that helped drive the phenomenon. Whether you regard the remix as a modern artform or scourge of the entertainment industry, hour-plus-long club mixtapes, musical performances like Girl Talk and many other copyright-flaunting forms are here to stay. Enter Dubset, a new online venture not concerned with just promoting the art of the mix, but being the first legal site to feature the work of DJs.

Dubset uses their own digital tool, MixScan, to pick out all the songs in every DJ’s mixtape. When someone listens to a mix in the Dubset library, Dubset logs that play so that artists within the mix can be compensated. Constantly updated by DJs, the free library is available from the website or from an iPhone with an app.

Browse through Dubset’s site and you’ll find the expected DJ profiles, as well as options to follow your favorites and browse through all the mixtapes by “venue” and “genre.” If you’re the type to bootleg favorite club soundtracks on your phone or dig up the obscure file posted in the cloud the next day, you can now legally relive your favorite nights, right from your computer.