Evans Wadongo: MwangaBora Lamp

A charitable exhibition in NYC showcases the Kenyan engineer's innovative solar lamp


In 2004 at the tender age of 19, Evans Wadongo took it upon himself to create an alternative to the unhealthy and often dangerous kerosene lamps and firelights used by villages like his in rural Africa. The enterprising Kenyan engineer developed the MwangaBora lamp, a fume-less light source made of 50% recycled materials that has since been widely distributed throughout the countrysides of Kenya and Malawi. To further the production and distribution of such lamps, NYC’s Friedman Benda gallery is hosting a three-day charitable selling exhibition—designed by fashion designer Reed Krakoff—showing an edition of 1,000 solar lamps designed entirely by Wadongo.

MwangaBora-Lantern-1.jpg MwangaBora-lantern2.jpg

The numbered lamps will sell for $275 apeice, with each donation providing 20 lanterns to rural African villages. Visit Friedman Benda for more information on the Evans Wadongo: MwangaBora exhibition, running 17-19 April 2013.

Images courtesy of Friedman Benda, sketch courtesy of Reed Krakoff