Ferrari: Formula Uomo


Soon after a report in the June edition of Wired that talks of spying and sabotage against Ferrari caused a Formula One fiasco, I was understandably a little surprised to be invited to Ferrari's Maranello, Italy headquarters to celebrate the latest installment to Formula Uomo, a program started in 1997 aimed at holistic and continuous improvement of the company. After watching test cars roll in and out of the facilities all day and touring factory grounds—including a stop at the new Jean Nouvel-designed assembly line, a gourmet Company restaurant designed by Marco Visconti and a look at the soon-to-be-released Pininforina (California)—I understand and sympathize with jealousy felt by competitors like MacLaren.

With sharp attention to design and over €200,000,000 in investments, the Formula Uomo program has bred a safe and inspiring workplace where architecture and design play a key roll in the production process. The Formula Uomo program also ensures that everyone have an outlet to express their opinions on how to improve company methodology, which ultimately results in more efficient and precise production of the automobile.

Click through the slideshow below for a look at the inner workings and production process of the enigmatic carmaker. (Mouse over for notes for explanation.)

Images our own and courtesy of Ferrari.