FoundersCard Expands

The membership-based program continues to partner with awesome brands (Audi, Bang & Olufsen, British Airways) and is now hosting exclusive events around the world

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Creatives, makers and independents all share the same basic desire: the freedom of choice. However, with the mounting pressures of a growing global marketplace, there is an increasing need for designers and artists not only to produce compelling and thoughtful work, but also to run a successful small business. Luckily for those who forge ahead as entrepreneurs there are tools like FoundersCard, a membership-based service that helps one navigate—and, more importantly, save—on everything from day-to-day operations to booking travel to events. At Cool Hunting, the card plays an evolving role for our expanding business, frequently proving to be particularly valuable in getting great deals for last-minute airfare and hotel reservations, all with VIP treatment and elite status.


Regularly adding impressive and inventive brands to their lineup (Audi and British Airways are among the most recent), Austin-based FoundersCard works with hotels in over 150 cities, with venues including The Modern, The Ace London, SLS Miami and Dubai’s Armani Hotel, essentially making it a necessity for the hard-working traveler. The program also addresses the less glamorous, but unavoidable domestic costs involved in running a company—including wireless plans with AT&T, shipping deals with UPS, domain name services like Namecheap and co-working spaces like WELD.


FC also offers unexpected lifestyle benefits like discounts on consumer tech (Bang & Olufsen), luxury cars (Audi), fashion (Bonobos), even design (Herman Miller). In addition, the membership card capitalizes on their global rolodex by hosting international networking events for its members, which help forge the vital connections that propel ideas into realities. A simple idea executed well, the FoundersCard is an ever-expanding resource for small businesses to upgrade their practices and experiment with new ones.


For a limited time, FoundersCard is offering CH readers an annual membership rate of $395, a 50% savings that is guaranteed as long as you are a member. Consider it the first discount of many. Just enter the code: COOL14 to get the benefits.

Store image courtesy of Bonobos, Ace Hotel images by Evan Orensten