Fox Fury Headlamps


Long the standard for industrial use, Fox Fury is now making some products geared toward personal use. The Fox Fury headlamps featuring 24 LEDs in a variety of colors, besting other recreational headlamps with a mere three or four by a lot. Cleverly designed, the face of the unit has a unique curve acting as a bumper to help prevent breaking LEDs while also serving to protect your head during work and play. It runs on 4 AA batteries and has an illuminating distance of up to 150 ft (45m), equal to 480 candles. They also exhibit peripheral lighting features up to 60 feet, dimming sensors and some models are waterproof. Be sure to check out the forensic, tactical and scuba headlamp models as well as the first 1000 lumen LED flashlight available on the market.

They are available at Fox Fury starting at $110