The Future Interfaces Group is Designing the Everyday Devices of Tomorrow

There’s a lapse in smart technology where human context and cues exist in real life. Things like gestures, expressions, noises and secondary movements are all missed by tech that can only respond to vocal commands and touch. In the Future Interfaces Group lab, located just off Carnegie Mellon University’s campus, the devices of tomorrow—ones that can detect when you’re sawing, cooking or even tuning a guitar, and give you instructions or feedback—are being developed to shorten the gap between humans and computers. Whether it be wearable tech that allows you to control televisions, dimmer lights and more with the twist of your wrist or the pinching of two fingers or LIDAR technology that can turn any surface into a touchscreen, the lab is focusing their efforts on real-life applications for the newest technology. Read more about the innovative devices and watch the video at Engadget.