Grand St.

Discovery and discounts in a tech-centered retail experience


With the constant evolution of goods in the consumer electronics market, it makes sense to have an online store focused on highlighting these creative advances. Enter Grand St., a new members-only site peddling the latest gadgets at a discounted price. The site is as much about inspiration as it is acquisition, and focuses on providing a tight selection of new, independent or cult items.

The online retailer excels in the details, offering free shipping in the US, returns, one-click buying and a slick mobile site—plus, the items are all stocked and shipped by Grand St., so there’s no runaround when it comes to service. An in-house photographer shoots all products, and item descriptions reflect extensive vetting by the Grand St. team for a thorough look at the device and what it can do.

Updating the site every other day, the most recent items from the catalog include the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor as well as the Node Chroma. The only downside to Grand St. is that they typically require a bit of wait time for membership, but luckily we’ve got you covered. Grand St. is offering CH readers the opportunity to sign up along with a $15 credit toward your first purchase by visiting the website through this link.

Images courtesy of Grand St.