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GreenZero Chargers

Three eco-friendly chargers designed to shut off automatically to save your battery and wallet

Green-Charger-1.jpg Green-Charger-2.jpg

Claiming to be the “most eco-friendly and efficient way to charge mobile devices,” Bracketron‘s GreenZero battery and chargers eliminate stand-by energy consumption by automatically shutting off once your device is charged. Set to be released at CES in Las Vegas later this month, the series includes Mushroom and Stone style chargers as well as a Stone battery— for use with iPhone, USB and microUSB devices.

The Mushroom GreenZero charger is the standout due to its ergonomic design and device compatibility—available in iPhone, USB, and Android specific models. The large top, which earned the charger its moniker, acts as a button to be pushed with either hand or foot to turn on. And once the charge is complete it shuts off to save energy and avoid top-off stress on device batteries.

Green-Charger-3.jpg Green-Charger-4.jpg

Dropping the large button for a slightly sleeker design, the Stone GreenZero charger is the more travel friendly of the two, featuring a universal USB outlet. And like it’s bigger brother, the Stone shuts off automatically once your device is charged. The third in the family is the Stone battery. This 100mAmp pocket sized power supply offers up to three hours of charge and is available in microUSB and iDevice models.

The GreenZero line will officially launch mid January 2012 at CES and sell for between $22 and $29 from Bracketron online.


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