Helo TC Helicopter

App-driven toy helicopter puts flying at your fingertips


The latest in iPhone- and iPad-specific gadgets, Griffin Techonology’s Helo TC Touch RC Helicopter recently launched to the cheers of tech-savy kids “ages 14 and up” around the world. As a leap forward in app-powered innovations, the “Flight Deck” module attaches to your iOS device and works in conjunction with the Helo TC app to control and direct the helicopter in flight.


Although the agile little vehicle is impressive enough, the software is the real winner of the bunch. The iOS-specific controller works with multiple generations of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. For a familiar remote-control feeling use the joystick controls on your iOS device or switch controls and tilt your device to fly the mini-chopper. When you’ve found a path you like to fly over and over, use the app’s Flight Plan to record up to three routes to fly on demand anytime.

Keeping the twin-rotored helicopter flying high, the craft is constructed of a lightweight metal frame encased in a polycarbonate body; it charges (and recharges) by any USB power source. At just $50, the Helo TC has been in and out of stock since its release, so keep an eye on Griffin Technology online to claim one for yourself, then head to iTunes for the free app download.