Homeschool Outerwear

The innovative snowboard gear start-up uses natural coconut fiber tech for better breathability


Developed, designed and tested in the Pacific Northwest, Homeschool outerwear makes high performance garments built to handle even the most adverse elements the NW has to offer. To achieve this, Homeschool uses Cocona technology, a natural element created from discarded coconut shells to sustainably produce highly breathable snowboard gear.


During a long day on hill or in the backcountry the breathability of your garments is often more important than any waterproof rating—as Homeschool sales and marketing director Jevan Lautz explains, “a trash bag is completely waterproof, but since there are no breathability properties you’ll be soaked on the inside.” As a solution, Cocona tech infuses activated carbon particles created from coconut shells into the fabric fibers to improve moister evaporation, thus boosting baselayer breathability and dry time to 500x faster—and outerwear 40% more breathable—than anything else on the market. Plus it’s naturally oder resistant.

Homeschool-jacket-on.jpg Homeschool-night-witch.jpg

After a few test runs we can confirm the increased breathability claim. Wearing the midlayer over the baselayer kept us warm in both Vermont’s dry cold and Whistler’s wetter coastal climate. For outerwear, the Night Witch Pullover did its job as well. As part of the liberally fitting Baker series, the fully taped 3.5-layer anorak style jacket uses 100% recycled polyester fabric and, like all Homeschool outerwear, features RECCO advanced avalanche tech.

As the only outerwear brand introducing Cocona from top to bottom, Homeschool supports a more breathable and more sustainable life in the outdoors. You can find all Homeschool products through their online store as well as from Evo.