Ice Light

Ultra-mobile lighting for photography and videography


High-end DSLRs and portable microphones may get low-budget photo and video shoots a good way towards a professional look, but a full lighting setup remains hard to fake. Enter Ice Light, a portable, handheld lighting system that delivers a daylight-balanced LED glow for illuminating subjects on the go. The device is flicker-free and ideal for self-lighting in portraits, although a universal mount can be used to affix the light to tripods and C-stands as well.


Measuring 20 inches and weighing just over a pound, Ice Light is astonishingly portable and compact. With a total life span of 500,000 hours, a single charge will lend around an hour of light at full power. While the standard output mimics daylight, the cylindrical design makes it easy to fasten gel filters for other effects. Additionally, the light has a wide dynamic range and can be dimmed down for less dramatic lighting.


Manufactured by Westcott and designed by photographer Jerry Ghionis, the portable lighting system proved extremely effective in lighting up CH mascots Otis and Logan for an impromptu shoot. Given the ergonomic considerations, cordless option and light quality, this is one tool that will doubtless get a lot of use by us at CH. The Ice Light is available online for $500.

Images by Josh Rubin and James Thorne