Smartphone-Powered Portable Mood Lighting with Lampp

The candle-lit votive gets a modern day makeover


If you could somehow physically inflate the flat, glass screen of your smartphone into a glowing silicon bubble, it would resemble what Barcelona-based RCA alum and product designer Jordi Canudas has created with his new Lampp. By placing the organically shaped balloon over your smartphone (and using its screen as the light source), Lampp becomes a portable and easily adaptable mood light. As a modern day version of placing a candle in a colored glass votive, the Lampp offers a wide range of color options—whether you want to wake up to a bright orange-yellow sunrise or visually explore the entire rainbow spectrum at a party.


Since Lampp requires you to put your smartphone “away” and out of sight to power it, it makes for a good excuse to disconnect. And with successful funding, an advanced version of the app would allow users to be notified of a text or incoming call through light instead of sound. Pre-order a LAMPP for $40 through their Indiegogo campaign.

Images courtesy of Lampp