iMac Transport Bag


A friend of mine lugs his iMac all over his house, treating it more like a laptop than a desktop computer. With components and working parts concealed within the screen, it's actually not a bad way to go. But the German company Reinda recently created an iMac Transport Bag, making transport all the more easy and safe.

We've seen more than our fair share of laptop cases, bags and backpacks, but this is the first for a desktop. Compatible with both the new Intel-based iMac and G5 iMac edition, the handcrafted bags (they're made in Germany) even have room for the keyboard, mouse and all necessary cables. The base sticks out, allowing it to handily stand on its own. Thick but lightweight padding is used to provide protection. Now you can take your desktop to and from work.

Visit Reinda to purchase the iMac Transport Bag for 20" or 24" model for €90 or €96 respectively.

via Swissmiss.