Turn Off Your Stove Remotely With Inirv React

Combat one of the most common household fears with this new kitchen accessory

Most people who cook at home have had the experience of wondering, upon departure, if they turned the stove off. It’s a common sensation that results in either sustained anxiety or a last-minute trip back. With the just-announced Inirv React, the situation can be resolved by simply looking at your phone. There are three parts to the device: a ceiling sensor, knobs and a dedicated app. The WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled sensor tracks smoke and gas (and has an alarm), of course, but also looks for motion. The advanced knob units (also with WiFi and Bluetooth) come complete with timers and touch sensors, but have the ability to turn stoves off—either on their own or through remote triggering from the app. With the app, real-time alerts get pushed to the user. Stove temperature can be monitored and adjusted—or, as we’ve mentioned, you can simply turn off the stove for peace of mind. Inirv was founded by Ranjith Babu, a neurosurgeon who developed technology for minimally invasive treatment of brain tumors, and Akshita Iyer, an entrepreneur. Together, they’re proposing a simple but effective tool many of us could benefit from.

Inirv React comes with four smart knobs, which can replace existing knobs or rest beneath them using an included adapter, and the motion sensor. It’s currently funding on Kickstarter, with $199 as the early-bird pricing—a substantial discount from the suggested retail price.

Images courtesy of Inirv Labs