A retro-styled iPhone app generates random moments of multimedia inspiration


Kick mental blocks and brain blusters to the curb with the new Inspirataur iPhone app. The fun digital service—created by Seattle-based film collective The Beta Society—generates bursts of inspiration designed to get creative juices flowing to maximum capacity.


Mashing up ideas drawn from a database of user-submitted videos, photos and text that have been entered either online or through the app, the upshot is like a multimedia version of one of Brian Eno’s “Oblique Strategy” cards—dressed up in retro ’80s graphics.(Co-creator Jessica Aceti, of Cap-sac fame, says, “I love anything with a Tron-like grid.”) Once users create their randomly-generated “inspirataur,” they have the option of sharing their finished works on Facebook with the aim of stimulating people around the world and sharing ideas collectively.

insp2.jpg Insp1.jpg

To see more on how Inspirataur works, check out their tongue-in-cheek video or just download it from iTunes for $1.