Orée iPhone 6/6+ Wood Shell Wireless Charger

A protective case in French walnut that pairs with the brand's Pebble for wireless charging


Following up on the success of last year’s Pebble 2—a wireless charging hub crafted in the south of France with premium hardwood or stone options—French tech accessories design firm Orée has returned with the iPhone 6/6+ Shell. On the surface, the shell acts as a high-end case protected by durable French walnut. However, the shell also pairs with the Pebble 2, allowing for wireless iPhone charging, even while the device is in use. Wireless charging has been around in the Android world for quite some time, but is a relatively new technology for iPhones.


The iPhone 6/6+ Shell can also pair with any other Qi charging mat, so the Pebble 2 isn’t a necessity. However, they do match aesthetically and deliver a unified elegance. There’s no doubt that these handcrafted items from the self-proclaimed “artisans of emotional technology” are an aesthetic step above their peers in gadgetry. However, more important than looks is the value in charging an iPhone without a cord.

Preorder the Orée iPhone 6/6+ Shell online for €90, with delivery slated for mid-February 2015.

Images courtesy of Orée