Langly Camera Bags

WWII inspired rucksacks blend form and function


Any design-minded photographer would agree that when it comes to camera bags, there’s often an unfortunate gap between form and function. On one end you have the ultra tech-centric box bags worthy of space travel and on the other, more stylish end, you don’t have many options at all. To address this discrepancy, LA-based photographer Evan Lane founded Langly bags, a Kickstarter-funded company making rucksack-style camera bags designed for the nomadic photojournalist. Inspired by WWII-era military gear, the two Alpha and Delta bags get the job done with subtle style.

Langly-Laptop-sleeve.jpg Langly-Delta.jpg

Essentially two bags in one, the clever design—made with waterproof canvas and rich leather detailing—divides each carryall into two compartments with a single bisecting zipper. The lower portion acts like any regular camera bag, with rearrangeable padded sleeves for a camera body and two lenses, while the top-loading upper serves as a roomy satchel for everything else, with a filleting pocket for your laptop along the back.


With three days left in the Kickstarter campaign there’s still time to support the already-funded project. Pledge $25 and be rewarded with a 11×17 pigment print shot and printed by Lane, or go all out with $160 or more and receive a Langly bag with your contribution.

via Wired. Lead image by Jakob Schiller.