Chrome Niko Camera Bag

A detailed look at the bike and photo friendly backpack and waterproof Storm Field Jacket

Chrome-Niko-Bag-1.jpg Chrome-Niko-Bags-2.jpg

Since 1995 Chrome has been making sturdy, purposeful bags in San Francisco to feed the needs of the discerning cycling community. While their product line has grown the brand keeps its integrity intact by never compromising with materials nor construction, cherishing function over all else. The Niko Camera Bag is made with Chrome DNA through and through. First and foremost comfortable while in transit, the large cylindrical backpack is packed with pockets for all an urban photographer may need to carry.


Designed for the photographer that prefers the ambiguity of exploration over the security of a studio, the waterproof Niko features a laptop sleeve and sizable top loading compartment for quick accesses to a camera, phone or spare clothing. The butterfly-like body unzips—once laid on its back—to unveil the large camera gear storage section. As with most camera bags, this compartment features removable velcro dividers for user customization, allowing plenty of room for flashes, lenses and a spare body. On the outside two large velcro straps allow for portage of a tripod or skateboard, with side slots for your U-lock.


All in all, the blacked-out bag is heavy duty and built to take a fare share of abuse while keeping its contents safe. Ideal for stuffing in the top compartment, is the recently introduced Field Storm Jacket. This waterproof shell is based on the M65 military jacket, with a more refined fit that’s more conducive to cycling. Multiple zippered pockets and a stow-away hood will keep you dry, while reflective detailing on the rear yoke and cuffs keep you seen.

Chrome-Field-Jacket-1.jpg Chrome-Field-Jacket-2.jpg

The Niko Camera Bag and Storm Field jacket are both available from Chrome both online in stores for $180 and $250, respectively.

Images by Graham Hiemstra, Storm Field model image courtesy of Chrome