Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Birdie bracket mustaches, Internet speed metaphors, unicorn heads, and more in this week's web roundup


1. Moonwatch

It appears that the future of watches will not be about keeping time, but rather about cosmic consciousness and the changing phases of the moon—according to this awesome-looking Moonwatch by The Emotion Lab.

2. Saturdays Surf NYC T-Shirts

SoHo’s popular urban surf boutique Saturdays Surf NYC just designed its own collection of classic T-shirts sure to become cult favorites.

3. Philippe Starck on The Selby

The Selby photographs the illustrious designer Philippe Starck at his home in Paris, showcasing his full-size polar bear taxidermy and a wall-mounted unicorn head.

4. Saved by Droog

Droog amassed a collection of 5,135 miscellaneous items from liquidation auctions over the years, and decided to invite 14 different designers to reinterpret these objects in their own creative way, resulting in 19 unique design objects.

5. Rapha Cycling Club London

Selectism highlights the stylish road racing label Rapha‘s new London pop-up “hub.” The temporary space will play host to screenings, exhibitions, food-fueled events and sophisticated cycling gear—just in time for Giro d’Italia 2010.

6. Typography Mustache

As seen on Buzzfeed, “Typography Mustache” interprets your handlebar in fifteen fonts, Fu-Manchu or Errol Flynn. Goatees and sideburns not included.

7. Google Chrome Speed Tests

Putting their high-speed Internet browser to the test, Google upped their previous campaign with a humorous new video demonstrating how Chrome is faster than a potato shooter, sound, and even lightening.

8. The Assembly Ads

Not the first time we’ve seen these ads (but the first time we’ve seen them featured online), Creative Review Blog posted the farcical Cool Hunting ads created by The Assembly agency. A longstanding inside joke at CH HQ, it’s fun to see others playing on our name too.