Marshall Stanmore Speaker

Quality sound and classic style together in one active home audio system


Any audio brand worth its weight in buzz is making a Bluetooth speaker these days—and most sound pretty decent. Though the majority linger in the same design space somewhere along the lines of, “If we were Apple, what would we do?” Marshall is taking the opposite approach with the Stanmore: it’s purely rock’n’roll. Released earlier this week, the brown active stereo speaker joins the two previously released black and cream editions, whose looks were inspired by Marshall’s vintage guitar amplifiers.


While the handsome script logo, retro fret grille cloth and vinyl casing create an undeniably attractive character, the precision of the speaker’s sound—driven by a single 5.25″ woofer and two 3/4″ dome tweeters—is top notch as well. As a further nod to the amps that inspired it, the Stanmore’s volume, bass and treble controls are sturdy brass nobs, while the on/off toggle is a single ignition switch that’s worlds more fun to flip than any touch-sensitive button. And, of course, the speaker is Bluetooth enabled as well; though the Stanmore’s hefty size makes it a lot less portable than a typical Bluetooth speaker, it makes up for it in power and sound quality. The Stanmore is available in a range of colors from Apple for $400.

Images courtesy of Marshall