Mercedes-Benz eMobility and the E350e

Jochen Hermann, Head of Development CASE and Development eDrive talks to us about the brand's electric future

Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz invented the car more than 130 years ago introducing individual mobility to society. I think it’s our responsibility to move in to a more sustainable, environmental friendly driving system,” Jochen Hermann, Head of Development CASE and Development eDrive, states in the opening of this new video. In those succinct, bold statements he summarizes the motivation behind the brand’s new focus on connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles. Those words comprise the acronym CASE which is a new organization within Mercedes-Benz that is focused on the future. In this video we learn more about the new E350e plug-in hybrid sedan in the context of the bigger picture of future eMobility.

The E350e is an example of the company’s way toward emission and accident free driving. It’s connected to the Mercedes me app, has active driving assistance features and includes an electric motor that can be used in a range of driving modes to deliver a more environmentally friendly experience. The best example of shared mobility to date is the company’s Car2Go brand which offers fleets of Smart cars in different cities around the world that can be rented on the go. In some cities, like Stuttgart, the fleet is purely electric and there are even B-Class electric cars for a roomier experience.

In the near future Mercedes-Benz will also offer fully electric vehicles under the new EQ brand that was unveiled during the Paris Motor Show last fall. The goal here is to bring their deep history in manufacturing safe and luxurious vehicles to a still quite young all-electric motoring world.