Meta Watch

The first Bluetooth 4.0 smart watch offers developers an open-platform plaything


With the distinction of being the first watch to ship with Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility, Meta Watch represents the logical next step in digital timekeeping. The product leverages new Bluetooth capabilities—namely, more efficient energy usage—while incorporating familiar functions from other Bluetooth watches. This includes a variety of options for notifications, navigation and entertainment when sync’d with an Android or iOS mobile devices. What sets Meta Watch apart is its stark refusal of any kind of built-in functionality, leaving software considerations strictly in the hands of savvy developers and hardcore tinkerers.


The low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 promises to extend battery life between charges, and developers will have a field day with the six programable buttons, ambient light sensor, vibrating motor and 3-axis accelerometer that come installed. The LCD display may not have the flash of a colorful Nano or I’m Watch, but Meta Watch’s remains appealing due to the the potential applications that are impossible on other, more restrictive platforms. Aesthetically, Meta Watch keeps a streamlined look with brushed steel and rounded corners, making this a wearable—if not fashionable—tech accessory.

The obvious applications for Meta Watch include notifications for messaging, weather and phone calls, although we’ll be on the lookout out for a more extensive functionality once developers have some time to play with the API. The watch is available for $199 through Meta Watch.