Minnesota’s Never-Built $10 Billion “City of the Future”

Distraught with the urban mess cities had become, Athelstan Spilhaus (creator of the comic “Our New Age,”) proposed a $10 billion utopian urban plan to be built in rural Minnesota back in 1967. Unfortunately, it would never come to fruition, but The Minnesota Experimental City and Spilhaus have become the subject of a new documentary, “The Experimental City,” directed by Chad Freidrichs. As the Smithsonian notes, “The Minnesota Experimental City had the support of NASA engineers, Civil Rights leaders, media moguls, famed architect Buckminster Fuller and even vice president Hubert Humphrey. Many were drawn to the plan by Spilhaus background as well as his rhapsodic conviction for the necessity of such a city.” Read more about the extraordinary city and the documentary at Smithsonian Magazine.