mStation Orb


I swear I'm not that big of a nerd, but anything that kind of reminds me of Star Wars is just totally awesome, especially when it happens to look like the Death Star. The Orb from mStation is just that, a sleek and stylish "Made for iPod" desktop docking station/speaker system that, just like the name suggest, is an orb that packs a powerful sound.

Like a round throne for your iPod, The Orb comes in seven different vibrant colors and includes a handy 10-key remote allowing for adjustment of the bass and treble. It also has a dedicated sub woofer, syncs with iTunes and boasts 30 watts of superior power, all in speaker with a small footprint that's perfect for offices, dorms and other small spaces. For more information or to purchase an Orb ($130) head to mStation.