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Mysterious Speakers



Paris' newest boutique hotel, The Murano Urban Resort is too trendy for its own good. From the hot pink teddy bear fur lined elevator to the black lit hallways, attempted hipness supersedes comfort and function. To their credit, the fingerprint recognition door lock system is pretty cool and the lobby is striking. The speakers in the lobby are definitely the highlight. The design of the casing and the sound they put out are both phenomenal. I wasn't able to find out the brand. Anyone recognize them?

UPDATE Thanks to h3donist who identified these as Phoenix Klangsaeulen and points out that they "project sound spherically, and the quality is exceptional. You get 3D sound with two speakers."

UPDATE 22 September 2009
Jérémy wrote us to let us know that the technology was designed by Guy Tabard at Bellecour Sensations in France. A more recent project includes the KUBE table speakers designed for the KUBE Hotel in St. Tropez. Tabard can be reached at: 18, rue Jules Ferry
Zi Du Pontet
69360 St. Symphorien d'Ozon
courier [at] bellecour-sensations [dot] com


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