Needs For Sale


This summer, New York City couple Christine Santora and Justin Gignac launched Wants For Sale, a site where they sell paintings of things that they want, at the cost of the real item. So a painting of a slice of pizza is only $3 while a Nintendo Wii goes for $270.92. (Your DSL must have been down if you missed it.)

After starting the project, the couple realized there was something they both really wanted—the ability to help others. With that in mind, Christine and Justin are launching a new site today called Needs For Sale just in time for the holiday season. Needs For Sale follows the same idea as the Wants series, but 100% of the profits go to charity.

The Needs paintings will support various non-profits and depict images to represent what the couple wants to give to someone in need. For example, Habitat for Humanity says a $100 donation buys a kitchen sink, so the couple will paint a sink and sell it for $100.


Here's a list of their first set of paintings and benefiting charities:

Winter Coat–NY Cares Coat Drive
Wig–Locks of Love
Spiral Ham–City Harvest
Can of Peas–City Harvest
Kitchen Sink–Habitat for Humanity
Front Door–Habitat for Humanity
Pig–Heifer International
Cow–Heifer International
Ark–Heifer International
Barbie/Care Bear/Princess Crown–Toys for Tots
Nerf football/Transformer/Green Army Man–Toys for Tots