Nikon D4

Over four years in the making, the new flagship DSLR promises to deliver


Just announced, the Nikon D4 is an update to the brand’s flagship DSLR, over four years in the making. Boasting a 16.2MP full-frame sensor capable of low-light capture at ISO levels as high as 204,800 as well as high speed shooting of up to 11 frames-per-second, this professional camera promises the versatility to cover everything from action-packed sporting events to candle-lit moments. While those improvements might be incremental, perhaps the biggest leap forward is the new metering sensor with is 100-times more sensitive than its predecessor. This greater level of detail detection offers features beyond simple light metering—face detection for up to 16 people, subject tracking in still and video mode and dynamic white balance adjustment are just a few benefits.

Offering Canon serious competition, the D4 has several new features making it a video powerhouse. Full HD recording at 60, 30 and 24 frames-per-second, clip recording times up to 20 minutes and professional audio in and out bring DSLR recording features closer to what should be baseline. To increase creative control, the shutter speed, aperture and ISO can be manually adjusted while recording. Though most shooters will still prefer to focus by hand, there are four modes of auto focus available during video recording—normal, wide area, face detection and subject tracking.

As a Nikon shooter since I was 8 years old, I can’t wait to check out the D4 in person at CES next week. In the meantime, DPReview has already posted an initial hands-on. The Nikon D4 will retail for $6000 beginning in late February 2012.