New Products From Diabetes Management Platform One Drop

Helping users better understand the link between behavior and glucose levels

For anyone not familiar with One Drop, it’s a platform that’s made addressing diabetes more transparent. The data-driven service allows users to connect the dots between their consumption habits and glucose levels, its app acting as a log of daily activities including eating and physical movement while monitoring insulin levels. The experts at One Drop then analyze data from all users, amassing tremendous insight that they then share. It’s easy and direct, with a series of support systems built within. A substantial update is on the way, including a piece of hardware: the ever-important meter.

Known as One Drop’s “Chrome,” the Bluetooth-enabled, blood-glucose-monitoring system has just received FDA clearance and CE’s mark of approval. The device features a chrome lance and a vegan leather carrying case small enough to fit inside a pocket. It delivers technologically, and with its discreet and design-forward style provides an alternative for other meters that are cumbersome with less considered design.

Along with Chrome, One Drop has announced Premium, their monthly subscription service that’s first of its kind. With the service users receive unlimited Chrome test strips sent directly to their door. Of equal importance, the Premium plan grants 24/7 access to One Drop’s team of experts and educators, guaranteeing transparency and insight. Between the hardware and software it’s a powerful step forward in managing diabetes in a manner that’s smart and subtle.

One Drop | Mobile​ is available for free from the iOS App Store for iPhone and Apple Watch, as well as from the Google Play store. One Drop | Chrome is sold exclusively by One Drop and Apple in the US only. Hardware retails for $100. Purchasing the hardware along with a monthly subscription ($40 per month or $400 per year) drops the price to $80. As it is a direct-to-consumer product, it’s not yet covered by most insurance plans.

Images courtesy of One Drop